3 Fastest growing (DJIA) Stocks going forward.

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Listed below are the top 3 Fastest-growing Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) Stocks of which I think will grow based on earnings growth rate.

1. (CAT) Caterpillar – with long term EPS growth expected to be 21.2% their is a great possibility that this company will stay at #1. The only thing that worry’s me about potential growth is cost of Diesel, as well as it being difficult to get loans right now, many self employed companies or smaller business’s may have a tuff time buying Caterpillar products because of cost which could hurt expectations. Finally will they continue to be as dominate as they have or will another market start to take a chunk of there market.

2. (BAC) Bank of America – with long-term annual EPS growth is expected to be 13.2%, and with BAC being the biggest USA Bank. Regardless of the issues they have been in of late especially with the mortgage crisis, I figure that if they ever hit the deep end because of how big they are there is no way the Government would let this Bank fail. However I do not see that happening, BAC has ramped their goals for the coming years, and I could see them doing some damage.

3. (CSCO) Cisco Systems inc. – with  long-term annual EPS growth is expected to be 10.7%. with the technology bomb we have seen as of late their is no question that CSCO not even close to the possibilities come the next 5 years. Regardless of the 6,000 jobs they just cut last week, I see them being big players in the way of life especially if this electronic world continues to blow up. 


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