(SSYS) COULD BREAK OUT (7/18/2011)

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(SSYS) Stratasys, Inc. of which is a manufacturer of three-dimensional (3D) printers and rapid prototyping (RP) systems. Stratasys develops, manufactures and sells a product line of 3D printers and RP systems,and related consumable material that create physical parts from computer aided designs or (CAD. Stratasys offers rapid prototyping (RP) and production part manufacturing services centers located in North America, Europe and Australia. Stratasys products are used in the defense, aerospace, automotive, medical,industrial equipment, education, architecture, and business markets.

Stratasys has made many moves since January 2010, when uPrint Plus was introduced. In February 2011 it sold its interest in Quickparts.com Inc, and latestly in May 2011 Stratasys acquired Solidscape.

As of July 17, 2011 The top five companies in the Computer Hardware industry,ranked by their gross margin.

Q:What is Gross Margin
A:Gross Margin tells you how many of your sales dollars are profit. If efficiency is improved, more profits will result.

Concurrent Computer (CCUR)
Gross margin = 59.8%
Sales growth of 25.6%
Past 12 months sales of $69.8 million.

Stratasys (SSYS)
Gross margin = 53.2%
Sales growth of 22.6%
Past 12 months sales of $128.4 million.

Avid Technology (AVID)
Gross margin = 52.1%
Sales growth of 6.6%
Past 12 months sales of $688.9 million.

Cray (CRAY)
Gross margin =43.1%
Sales growth of 40.4%
Past 12 months sales of $330.9 million.

Apple (AAPL)
Gross margin = 41.4%
Sales growth of 82.7%
Past 12 months sales of $87.5 billion.

I predict(SSYS) Syratasys will could hit their 52 week high of $55.66 or even Hit lower $60’s. As of 07/18/2011 I issue a PoulTrend Alert. Poul-Trend Alert was made by myself Stefan it means simply



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