(AXP)(V)(MA) More plastic, Less Cash

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
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American Express Company (AXP) is a global service company. Products and services are charge,credit payment card products and travel-related services offered to consumers, as well as businesses around the world.

(AXP) American Express I think is a stock not getting much talk. Stocks that do not get much talk are ones that I tend to find my self liking. The thing that I find so wonderful about (AXP) is their financially all there. They just do not get talked about like (MA) MasterCard, and (V) Visa, and are always said to be the #3 in credit card services. I have been following (AXP) for a bit now, and find that they really have so much potential. This past year they have changed many things as well, Even inquiring Four Square, and offering a Million Points on Facebook. With their use of social media, there is no question about it that they can start to get you younger adults to open cards or switch to (AXP). To be honest, I am a (AXP) card owner and have been since 2007, my rewards cards is amazing with a rate that has stayed the same since opening it, a rate that is below 8% almost impossible to find right now. Not to mention the card they have available to ones who fly Jet Blue, called the American Express Jet Blue Card. If you open a card with them right now you get 10,000 up front points, and if you spend 500 in the first 3 months get an additional 10,000 points, plus if you are a Jet Blue Member when you fly jet blue you 5 points per dollar when you use your (AXP JBLU) Card. 5,000 point will get you a flight from NY to LA, and all you have to pay is a few service dollars it is unbeatable. Finally Costco’s (AXP) card talked about as one of the best credit cards on the market.

Over the past few years their is no question that (AXP) has been hit with most retailers not allowing for charging via the (AXP) logo. However look around, many more places now do allow (AXP) and I know this will continue over the next few years.

Money is literally not used anymore, I mean the ones who like to carry money on them may use it but its plastic everywhere, you have to wonder if there will be places that will someday not accept money only plastic, that will  be the day.

Anyways with (AXP) earnings releasing this evening at 4 P.M. I would not be surprised to see record numbers for (AXP) as the amounts of credit cards defaulting, and things like that have declined at record numbers, and with (AXP) literally have no debt to there total Assets, they are safe right now. I will be surprised to see what happens with there EPS as I figure they will be expectations, and revenue increasing, watch for a possible increase in the dividend, and yield which is always good for long term buyers. I have (AXP) as a BUY BUY BUY, and for the end of the year hitting $60 or more.


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