(JBLU) Fly first class with Jet Blue 7/28/2011

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(JBLU) JetBlue Airways Corporation Analyst report for the second quarter concluded (EPS) of 8 Cents which missed Zacks Consensus Estimate, and other Wall Street Analysis Estimates.

Even with such a positive note on the Revenue, with the (EPS) dropping close to 19% from the year prior, the blame was fuel costs , and increased maintenance expenses. On a good note though the revenue for year over year was a record high $1.15 billion which was obvious news.

Total operating expenses increased 26% year over year to $1.1 billion, this due to higher furl costs which were up a unbelievable 57.6%.

Operating income declined 9.6% from the year-ago quarter to $86 million.

Jet Blue finished their quarter with unrestricted cash,short-term investments of $1.2 billion.

Jet Blue right now is a Awesome buy right now. Today it closed down 0.13 to $4.70 which is $2.90 of its 52 week high which was literally 2 months ago. Jet Blue is a great company because it will continue to grow. With its low cost structure, and it being the youngest fleet in the USA other than (SAVE). Jet Blue also has a vary strong liquidity position in the the U.S. airline Industry.

Zack’s currently has Jet Blue a long-term Neutral recommendation.
For the short term, the stock retains a Zack’s #3 (Hold) Rank.

However I have (JBLU) at a BUY BUY BUY, HOLD HOLD, and a PoulTrend Alert over the next year. This stock is vary under rated, and until it is at a $6.00 range or more the stock is a great buy.

Jet Blue has great prices, great service, and great credit card bargains which allow for people to travel via points.

At the moment I currently do not own any stock in (JBLU).


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