Silver Crawling Higher!!

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Not only has Silver Steadily climbed 20% this past month however their is possibilities of more grow come the near future. In Late April silver was hitting all time highs, however it could easily be possible for silver to surpass $50.00 an ounce in the near future.

With the major Debt issues going on in Italy, and Greece we are getting closer ,and closer to 1 or more countries to default. Italian as well as Greek bonds have soared over 10% for their 2 year yields which would defiantly push for investors to want to put their hard earned money into assets such as Gold, and Silver. As of late silver is trading hands as gold, with more horrible news out of Europe their is no question about it that silver and gold will climb even more.

If their is any climb like there was when silver was showing support at $16-$18 an ounce, with silver showing a average level of $32.34 an ounce with the huge climb this past year, silver could break out to $85 depending on if it follows technical averages.

Another key issue is as the United States continues to talk Debt Ceiling, and many continue to worry, and fear for the U.S.A. Economy this could also add to the increase in Silver an Gold Prices.

If I were to choose Silver, and Gold ETF’s to go in with my Eye would be on (GLD),AQG),and (SLV). Just give it some time, possibility for solid growth is 100% possible.

Currently I do not hold any ETF’s that were mentioned.

There is no Guaranteed that you will make money, Stocks are risky just like Gambling, be safe, and do not go all in, always leave money for yourself for a rainy day!

  1. Dianne Pruse says:

    I have to declare I am impressed. Very seldom do I come across a blog that’s both educative and entertaining. Just want to inform you that you have hit the nail on the head. Your thought is outstanding. Kudos is all I really have to say .

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