5 Stocks a BUY Rating and Under $18

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Endeavour Silver Corp. (EXK) – is engaged in the evaluation, acquisition, exploration, development and exploitation of mineral properties. EXK produces silver-gold from its underground mines at Guanacevi and Guanajuato in Mexico. February, 2010, the Company acquired 100% interest in El Porvenir Cuatro and La Brisa properties. In July 2010, Endeavour acquired 100% interest in the Elizabeth and El Calvario properties in Guanacevi.

With a 52 week high of $12.75, and at 9.90 today, anytime EXK is under $10.00 can be a solid investment especially with all the high demand for Gold and Silver. EXK will release it’s Earnings on August 3rd, if they blow the Analysis predicts out of the water we could see newer highs.

Sirius XM Radio Inc. (SIRI) – engages and broadcasts  music, sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic and weather channels in the United States on a subscription fee basis through its two satellite radio systems. Subscribers can also receive certain of the Company’s music and other channels over the Internet, including through applications for Apple, Blackberry and Android-powered mobile devices. As of December 31, 2010, it had 20,190,964 subscribers. In April 2010, XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. merged with and into XM Satellite Radio Inc. In January 2011, XM Satellite Radio Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary, merged with and into Sirius XM Radio Inc.

(SIRI)- is a Solid Stock at anything under $2.05, When earnings release August 2nd, if there is any type of a jump in revenue, or Subscriptions than (SIRI) could climb to highs above $2.40. However I would be vary Leary of this stock, as (P) Pandora has gone public, any drop in subscriptions could mean a switch to Pandora (P) and with Pandora at $15.99, There is no question (P) Pandora may be something to look at if it drops under $13.00, Again.

Ford Motor Company (F) – producer of cars and trucks. Ford and its subsidiaries are also engaged in other businesses, including financing vehicles.  Other Financial Services includes a variety of businesses including holding companies, and real estate. On August 2, 2010, the Company, through its subsidiary, Volvo Personvagnar Holding AB, sold 100% of the outstanding shares of Volvo Personvagnar AB to Geely Sweden AB (Geely Sweden).

Ford (F)-  is a stock I just do not get. I think it is overbought to much of the time and that these large hedge funds are the ones who are holding Ford from climbing back into the $20.00 and higher. Over the past 52 weeks Ford had a high of $18.75. Even with Ford’s Q1 earnings off the charts there is no question about it that (F) Ford does not climb on good news anymore. The pattern I have noticed is every time there is  bad news released to the public Ford(F) gets a little pop. Ford is down to under $12.30, I would estimate that if there is any bad news, come August 2nd, and the sales meeting there could be a $0.75 more climb in activity.

Nokia Corporation (NOK) – Devices & Services; NAVTEQ, and Nokia Siemens Networks. Devices & Services is responsible for developing and managing the Company’s portfolio of mobile products, as well as designing and developing services, including applications and content. NAVTEQ is a provider of digital map information and related location-based content and services for mobile navigation devices, automotive navigation systems, Internet-based mapping applications, and government and business solutions.  In April 2010, the Company completed the acquisition of Novarra, Inc. and MetaCarta Inc. In September 2010, Nokia acquired Motally, Inc. In December 2010, Renesas Electronics Corporation acquired Nokia’s Wireless Modem business.

As of news that has circled this year 1.3 billion people connect to one another with NOK, from voice optimized mobile phones to advanced Internet connected smartphones sold in virtually every market in the world. With shares currently trading at $5.70 there is no reason not to want to buy NOK. With paying out 0.57 in dividends on the year, and a yield at 7.9% It a buy that could bring big returns in a few years.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) –  a media and entertainment company. The Company’s operation consists of four segments: Live and Televised Entertainment, Consumer Products, Digital Media and WWE Studios. Live and Televised Entertainment’s revenues consists principally of ticket sales to live events, sales of merchandise at these live events, television rights fees, sales of television advertising and sponsorships, and fees for viewing its pay-per-view and video on demand programming.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) at anything under $9.75. They have a solid Dividend at $0.12, and a Great Yield at 4.85. Over the next few years there could be a large transition in the WWE. They need to first cut there ties with so many shows airing everyday of the week. They also need to work on making the shows more enjoyable to watch, the talking is boring, and it seems they talk 2 hours of the show, and fight only one. Bring back the Explosive fighting world, needs to be more daredevil fights so it can bring more people to want to watch wrestling again.

Disclosure: I Do NOT have any positions in any of the Stocks mentioned above nor do I have plans in initiating positions in these stocks within the next 72 hours. 


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