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Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) currently trading at $91.00 with 52 week high at $116.55 Caterpillar is a still at a bargain. I am announcing a PoulTrend Alert today 8/31/2011. I expect Caterpillar in the coming months ahead to see new highs, and great growth quarter 3, and quarter 4. With analysis EPS being topped as well as revenue. Hmm…Maybe even a Dividend increase?? (No Questions it will happen)

General Electric. (GE) currently trading at $16.30 with 52 week high at $21.65. With Quarter 3 earnings to be released October 21st, and tomorrow being September 1st. I would not be surprised if they climb to $18.25 plus, before the quarter is out. Not to mention (GE) is managed like no other, and they are still #1. I am long (GE), and I am annoucing a PoulTrend Alert on (GE) at $16.30 8/31/2011.


Disclosure – Currently I do not have any positions in General Electric or Caterpillar nor plan to initiate a position in them within the next 72 Hours.

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National Beverage Corp. (FIZZ) company of which manufactures, develops, distributes, and markets a portfolio of beverages through the USA.  Their beverage products include soft drinks,juices,waters, and energy drinks.  Some of the key things that I love about this stock is the their potential. With the fact that they literally have no DEBT, and with there EPS growing 3 years in a row it is obvious that they are being run like a business. There Revenue, has also continued to climb in 4 straight years. Now they are no Pepsi, or Coke Cola, but they are managed extremely well.  Not to mention there last Dividend paid out $2.30!! Now many believe that when a company is paying out that much that their is High risk in failing however I tend to disagree when it comes to (FIZZ). As pointed out there intangible assets ratio is 8% compared to competitors like Pepsi (PEP) at 45% and Cola (KO) at 34%. Yes these companies are worth are worth 10 times as much as (FIZZ). However (FIZZ) blows (KO)(PEP) out the water in Return on average equity which was 56% last Qt to (KO) 33%,(PEP) 35%. However (FIZZ) cannot compete with their Net Profit Margins. At the end of the day, I feel that (FIZZ) about to eclipse its 52 week High of $16.57, there could be a break out to the high $18.00 or more. Currently I am Long (FIZZ)(KO) and (PEP) however for a young trader who may not have as much money on the table (FIZZ) may be a better buy!

Currently I rate (FIZZ) as a BUY,HOLD HOLD, and a PoulTrend alert has been called 8/30/2011 at $16.00.

Disclosure- Currently I do not hold positions in any of the stocks talked about in this blog post, and have no plans to initiate a position in them for the next 72 hours.

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The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) main focuses are in providing consumer packaged goods. P & G’s products are sold in more than 180 countries primarily through mass merchandisers, grocery stores, membership club stores, drug stores and high-frequency stores, the neighborhood stores,and developing markets. P&G currently has around 80 on the ground operations. Last reported approximately 16% of revenue comes from Wal-Mart Stores. With Procter & Gamble closing at $63.09, and at Pre-Market this morning floating around $62.66 this may be a solid morning to get some P&G and add them to your portfolio(LONG). With the emerging markets soon to be P&G next big thing there is no question that they still have area for growth and improvement. One of there biggest products of the global market is toothpaste. With an Estimated 70% of the Brazil Market, 80% of the Mexico,and huge Gains in the Asia Market as well, there is no wonder analysis believe possible growth with stay 9% the next 5 years plus. Not to mention with 16% of their revenue coming from Wal-Mart, this could easily grow to 20% plus if  Wal-Mart continues to stay the king of the retail world. Not to mention long term, they pay a solid Dividend at 0.52 a QT or $2.04 a year, and a Yield of 3.33%.

I Recommend P & G at $62.00 and under.


Disclosure – Currently I do not own any Procter & Gamble nor plan to initiate position within the next 72 hours.

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Pandora (P) of which went public in mid June, has had a high of $26.00, and a Low of $11.00. Currently with Pandora (P) trading at $13.80, I firmly believe this is a bargain buy. As of January 31, 2011, it had over 80 million registered users. The key things I love about Pandora (P) is their structure. The company the President and CEO
Joseph J. (Joe) Kennedy, is a Genesis. They have a great market of which has solely been based towards Cell Phones. Now they have started growing as they have now made contracts with Cars, Audio Companies to per mote there product. Not to mention the way that the music Like button is synced to the user is a concept of which will keep there customers. They do countless analysis data to retrieve the best playlist for you. This is a tool of which can not be found on Sirius, or XM. Not to mention they make a large amount of there revenue’s from mobile add’s as well as Online adds. I firmly think that later down the road Pandora (P) could superficiality change the music world.

Currently I have Pandora rated at a BUY BUY BUY, HOLD HOLD HOLD, and have a target price for Pandora to be close to $30.00 buy end of 2011. They are a new and growing company give them a chance, they could bring you great returns!

Disclosure – Currently I do not own, or plan to own a position in Pandora (P) in the next 72 hours.

I recently blogged about Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. on 8/25/2011, announcing that they were added to my PoulTrend Alert. The Stocks below should also be added to your radar!!

1.Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (JAZZ)
2.Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp. (KOG)
3.Rosetta Stone Inc. (RST)
4.Dycom Industries, Inc. (DY)
5.BRF Brasil Foods (BRFS)


Disclosure – Currently I do not own a position in any of the stocks mentioned above. I do plan to initiate a position within the next 72 hours.


Could break in the next few days or few weeks, and might be a great PINK Slip to possibly 300% your money. With (CRWV) closing at 0.0124 (+0.013) a 11 % jump. With its 52 week high at 0.51. The investment may be worth it.

These Stocks should be on your watch lists tomorrow.

1.Blackstone (BX)
2.Starbucks (SBUX)
3.Holly Energy Partners, L.P. (HEP)
4.Lululemon Athletica inc. (LULU)
5.Pfizer Inc.(PFE)
6.Bank of America (BAC)
7.Sprint (S)
8.Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ)
9.HollyFrontier Corp (HFC)
10.MGM Resorts International. (MGM)

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When I called a PoulTrend Alert on 8/1/2011  SPDR Gold Trust (ETF) (GLD) was trading at $158.00. On Friday (GLD) Climbed $5.11 (2.96%) to $177.47 of which is still $7.35 off its 52 week high of $184.82. This 52 week high of which was hit on 8/22/2011. Since Friday gold has surged higher again after the Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke gave a speech which indicated that the easy monetary policy would continue. With this being said Gold could soar again to old highs around $1900.00 an ounce or even higher. However be aware the one thing that traders must guard against is of course another margin hike by the CME group. Could this happen of course but do not forget back in April when Silver rally was sky rocketing, and there was four separate margin hikes of which ultimately killed the rally.

Currently I am Long Gold, and Silver! and (GLD)UGL)(SLV)(GDX)

Disclosure – Currently I have a position in (UGL) however do not hold a position in (GLD),(SLV), and have no plans to initiate a position in the next 72 hours.

Photo Disclosure- I do not own nor claim to own this chart photo. This chart can be found at the URL listed below Photo.

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As the hour Struck 10 A.M. all eyes were on the news channels and what  Ben Bernanke‘s Speech would offer insight on the future of the United States Economy.

In Bernanke Speech he discussed that the recovery was SLOWER than expected.


  • High Oil Prices.
  • Earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
  • Temporary Factors
  • Deep slump in housing market
  • A Financial Crisis immeasurable
Ben Bernanke however kept his poseur and reassured the people of the U.S. Economy, that regardless all the issues/problems, the country has not lost its competitive advantages of which will ultimately lead to our long term growth and prosperity. Ben mentioned that with America’s diverse economy, entrepreneurial culture, research capabilities and technological superiority we will defeat this.

“Although important problems certainly exist, the growth fundamentals of the United States do not appear to have been permanently altered by the shocks of the past four years,” he said.

Ben Bernanke discussed short term issues as well, and policies that have, and have not been taken to address them, of which in the end could be long term.

He noted that with such large numbers in unemployed people who of which are without work for more than six months, a figure of which now accounts for 14 million people of which are now Jobless.

“Under these unusual circumstances,” he said, “policies that promote a stronger recovery in the near term may serve long-term objectives as well.”

Personally I think that Ben Bernanke was speaking as truthful as he could on the subject. However I feel as he had to talk in more easily acceptable terms than he wanted to speak in. Ben Bernanke knows how deep the United States is in, and what was talked about was personally a cover up to help with America continue on for a little. The United States is in a hole of which is completely over our heads. As much as Job Growth may be needed others things would have to change as well. Regardless even  if gas was at $1.00 a gallon right now, it still would not get us out of this HOLE. Not only is there need to be much change on the governments behalf, but their needs to be changes on the Business Side, Bank Side, Healthcare Side, Our Side. If we do not all work as 1 in unison, we as a country will not surpass this hard time of which is on all of us.

Things to Note!

  • Why no talk of SELF employed, and how many are out of work? They are not figured into that 14 million Jobless. Like Ben said entrepreneurial culture. How do they expect America to live up to those standards if the Government taxes the shit out of them, and insurance just wants to abuse them?
  • Natural Disasters have happened generations, and generations. You cannot try to blame the fact that because of what happened in  Japan is why we are still here. We were already in over our heads before the devastation happened in Japan.
  • Gas is only gas, no matter who you are if you want to drive a V8 you still will. This is a factor to why the country is struggling but I would say it is only 5% of the puzzle

Disclosure: This is all personally opinions of this issue!! Some of the facts I stated, are not true, nor do I claim they are true.

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Jazz Pharmaceutical, Inc. (JAZZ) – a pharmaceutical company of which focus’s on development, identification, and commercialization of pharmaceutical products.


  • Xyrem (sodium oxybate) – a FDA approved product, for treatment of both Cataplexy and excessive daytime sleepiness for patients of who suffer from Narcolepsy
  • Luvox CR (fluvoxamine maleate) which helps with ones who suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. Products include JZP-6 (sodium oxybate, of which helps with treatment of fibromyalgia
  • JZP-8 (intranasal clonazepam)  ones who may suffer from repetitive seizures in epilepsy.
  • Solid oral sodium oxybate.

At close today (JAZZ) closed at $36.70 which was (-1.53%) or -.57 below their open. Jazz Pharmaceuticals is a company of which I think should be on everyone’s buy list. At $36.70 (JAZZ) is extremely undervalued. Currently many analysis have (JAZZ) valued at around $50-$54.00. I believe  (JAZZ) is undervalued  and valued more around the $45.00-$47.00 range.

The reason why I like (JAZZ) is currently they are the only Pharmaceutical company of which has a product available that can diminish Cataplexy in Narcolepsy patients. With this being said they completely OWN that market. It is thought that only 50,000 people in America are properly diagnosed with Cataplexy, and there is believed to be close to 125,000 to 200,000 people across the USA of which are believed to suffer from Narcolepsy. This figure by the way of which continues to climb in dramatic fashion. On top of that in 2006 it was reported that a Patient of who takes (JAZZ)’s Sodium Oxybate could run you close to $35,000 a year. As of right now (JAZZ) runs close to $50,000 a year plus.

How do I know this, HMMM… Well I have Cataplexy, and take it daily. Do I agree with this outrageous price tag??? Of course not, do I like the fact that living in Connecticut I could not find one Insurance company to cover Co-Pay costs of this FDA approved product? NO!!! However they have plans for ones of who do not have insurance or who cannot afford it of which takes that burden off our chests. The fact is this (JAZZ) the Product Works!! It is the Only product currently out on the market of which controls both of these sleeping disorders. With the fact that Xyrem Sales will continue to increase with more, young adults being diagnosed there figures could really blow any analysis predictions out of the water.  It is estimated that projected earnings growth could soar to 160% plus! has a snapshot of the report at the link listed below

However personally I think (JAZZ) will shatter any analysis predictions! Earnings growth being more like 200% or More! I also estimate that Earnings Per Share could soar to over $2.50! Which would be a $1.36 a spectacular jump in a years time.  With the first 2 Q’s in 2011, 2010’s Revenue being close to $115.45 million, and gross profit at $107.18 (JAZZ) is already on pace to make 2010’s income statement look like garbage. With (JAZZ) only $50.00 million in profit from hitting Last years TOTAL profit they will probably eclipse this a month before the ending off Q3. Revenue being only $60.00 million short from last years totals  hitting $250 million plus by end of Q4 could easily be in reach which would be a $120 million increase year over year or DOUBLE.

As of 8/25/2011 PoulTrend Alert has been Called!

Disclosure – Currently I hold no positions in Jazz Pharmaceutical Inc. Nor do I plan to initiate a position in the next 72 hours

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