Debt Deal Finally Established!

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Last night as Obama announced this new debt agreement will cut $1 Trillion, of a 10 year budget. In the ruling of this the debt ceiling will be raised enough to get past the 2012 elections of which are like the only things on the republicans, and democratic minds. As announced their will also be a “Super Committee” of which will design a bill to cut at minimum $1.5 trillion over next 10 years. ( Do not be fooled though these reductions will include entitlement reform and tax reform. This committee will set up a date of which will be announced before Thanksgiving 2012. “Do not forget now,If Congress fails to pass the super-committee bill, automatic spending cuts, or “triggers,” would go into effect.

Finally it is about time for them to figure something out, Why not Next time not wait till weekend before to release the news.!


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