As of this morning 8/8/2011 it will mark day on of Verizon unionized workers taking to the street with picks Sunday the labor contract expired, and their were no agreements on the contract terms after 2 months of battling. As of what I have heard most of the employees of who are on strike are field technicians of the call centers for Verizon. With this being said it is possible that Verizon’s Land-line customer support services may be affected.

When speaking with my family friend about this matter yesterday I asked him a few questions about the (CWA) Communication Workers of America and how far away, and long it could take for the deal to go threw. He stated that there was still around 1000 concessionary proposals left on the table when the contract expired and management called the home.

“This will not be the first time I have had to go threw this, 1989,2000. However this one is much worst than the original others. There is so much at stake, they want to rid of all the benefits that they used to firmly support.”

“I am just glad this time, if it goes 17 weeks like it did in 1989, that I do not have a new born baby sitting at home!”

“All I know is come Monday morning, it is the start of a 40 hour week of picketing!”

– For the Safety of the employee, I will not disclose of any information on a name or initials.

As of This morning I expect VZ to have a light sell off, closing down to $34.50-$34.75 range. Currently in pre market VZ is at $34.00

Currently I have (VZ)Verizon Wireless at a HOLD HOLD HOLD Rating.

Disclosure – At this time I currently do not have any position in Verizon Wireless nor do I plan on having any in the next 3 trading day.


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