(IOC) to have Major Growth over next 3-5 years! 8/10/2011

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1. InterOil Corporation (NYSE:IOC) which is an integrated energy company which operates in New Guinea Papua , and Southwest Pacific Region. InterOil Corp. is currently operating in four sectors which include corporate,upstream,midstream, downstream.


Upstream Segment- Appraises + Explores Natural Gas, and Oil Structures in Papua New Guinea, with intent on commercializing any discoveries.

Midstream Segment – of which produces refined petroleum products, for the domestic market,and export. In the works are proposed onshore, and offshore floating liquefied processing facilities of natural gas in the Papua New Guinea region.

Downstream Market – Deals with Distributing of the refined petroleum products on wholesale and retail basis domestically in Papua New Guinea.


Currently (NYSE :IOC) has had a 52 week high of $81.98 and a low of $47.29 of which was eclisped during the major sell off the other day.(IOC) opened at $50.00 this morning, and its high was $56.51. The Volume is around its AVG of 498,000.00. Only downside as is Volatility with the fact that their is only 47.96M shares out. However for long term growth this is something to look into.

Over the next 3-5 years it is possible that (NYSE:IOC) Earnings growth could Hit 750%-1100%.

When to Get in???

What I would watch for is for (NYSE:IOC) to either sell off to around $45.00 Range, I recommend any buy under $45.00 to be a bargain. However if you want to take a bigger risk, Look for a Buy between $51-$53 range.

To get more information on (IOC) check them out on their direct website http://www.interoil.com/

Disclosure – Currently I do not hold any Position in  InterOil Corporation (NYSE:IOC) nor will I in the next 3 Trading Days.


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