Cisco reports HD will grow to 60 percent of all Internet Traffic come 2015

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Cisco Systems in June 2011 issued an networking index report of which predicts that High Definition Video will grow to 60% of all consumer internet traffic come 2015 or earlier. With HD Video currently at a 40% market share a 20% increase to 60% would be a phenomenal fete to capture. Other Staggering numbers included in this years index is Internet Traffic and the grow it will amass come 2015. The model estimates that global traffic will hit 80.5 exabytes per month, or simpler to understand 17 Billion DVDs worth of online global traffic in a Month.This is four times the amount of exabytes of data transmitted in a month compared to 20.2 exabytes seen in June 2010.

Finally the report goes into great detail to predict mobile broadband will become our main method by which consumers connect to the Internet. Connecting on all sorts of platforms from Smart phones,Tablets, and computers, but via Internet-Connected appliances/ devices like PS3/XBOX/I HOME/Blu-Ray Players, Refrigerators,and Televisions. Cisco goes on to conclude that in the North America index shows 1/3 rd of all networked devices will be mobile-connected in some way or form by 2015.  A little scary to think about right? Come to think only 11 Years ago the big bubble of the internet, and now in 4 Years to be on Everything we know or use in our daily Lives.


For a Full Report along with an interactive map with broadband data consumption.



Disclosure- Photo is solely owned by CISCO.COM




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