Pfizer Inc. (Pfizer) (PFE) a researched based, global bio pharmaceutical company. Pfizer operates in two segments knows as: Biopharmaceutical and Diversified.

Bio pharmaceutical- which includes Primary Care Specialty Care, and Established Products, Emerging Markets. Pfizer also deals with products of which prevent and treat cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, including nervous system,pain and arthritis, respiratory diseases, cancer, and many more.

Diversified includes Health Products. This includes cough,cold,allergy remedies, dietary supplements, and personal care items just to name a few.

Pfizer(PFE) is a Stock that I think needs to be on Everyone’s radar. First off as of open this morning 8/16/2011 Pfizer traded around $18.30 which is $3.15 from its 52 week high, and around $2.60 above the 52 week low. Currently Pfizer is off from its 200 day moving average of $19.30 or around 6% upside potential just to hit that average. With ratings from $21.00 to $24.00 I currently have Pfizer at a $22.75 target price.

Looking Forward

Over the coming years ahead the baby boomer era will be under much needed primary care, and specialty care of which Pfizer can target. Emerging Markets!!! We are heading into an Emerging Global Society Worldwide! Not to mention with the fact that Pfizer has products of which treat and  prevent cardiovascular, respiratory diseases. In this world that we live in today Heart Diseases, and obesity have become the leading killer in the USA. Killing even more people than car accidents do in every year. The fact is we have a epidemic of  heart related issues, and obesity problems all across the USA. When you walk the streets look around, America likes to Eat, and the average american is overweight. This is a fact America does not eat the Greens, and Fruits like we used to, our daily diets consist of heavy meats,processed foods, and carbohydrates. Some say now that the reason so many have become obese is because of the cost of food, it is expensive to afford healthy food, making it easier just to go to a Fast Food Restaurant and get a filling meal for less. Unless America works on changing eating habits, than Heart diseases and other cancers will continue to develop. We need to have a healthy green life style, making sure we stay active as well. With this being said Pfizer will thrive off of this.


Pfizer has both MARKETS both for the ones sick with these diseases, then they have Dietary products promoting weight loss which is the counter side of that market. This market of which I believe will not see its peak for 5-7 years.

Dividend Great & Low Price

Pfizer (PFE) is a wonderful stock to get in at anything under $18.25. There dividend is great with a great 4.40 Yield. Currently on Pfizer is rated 3.5 of 5 Stars, and has a Hold rating.

Currently I Rate Pfizer (PFE) at a 4 out of 5 stars. A BUY BUY Rating, and HOLD HOLD HOLD. You need to look at the long term potential in this company. Come the next few years watch out for the biggest jump in the Healthcare sector, Dietary sector, Emerging markets and Pfizer (PFE) will be right there a part of it.

Disclosure – Currently I hold position in Pfizer (PFE), and do not plan buy/sell within next 3 trading days.


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