The Blackstone Group L.P. (BX) – manager of private capital and a provider of financial advisory services. Blackstone of which is a independent manager of private capital with assets under management of upwards of $128 billion this being as of December 21st,2010. The company assets of management include real estate funds, hedge funds, and private equity funds. They also deal with loan obligated vehicles. Currently Blackstone operates in 5 business segments of which include Real Estate, Hedge fund Solutions,Credit Businesses, Private Equity, and Financial Advisory. As of November 2010 they set an agreement to manage Bank of America Merrill Lynch‘s Asian Real Estate Assets.

3 Reasons to Like!

1. With there 52 week high at $19.63, and the low at $9.89. At Under $14.00 you have a potential of good upside! Not to mention with a 0.10 dividend and yield of 2.90 its not to bad.

2. Blackstone stated to investors they have raised $4 Billion for the latest Real Estate fund, in only 4 Months of the Fundraiser. Not to mention they are well managed, and currently are in the works of buying 1 Billion of BAC Real Estate Investments, and if this goes threw their is much potential for deals to spur in the Global Real Estate Sector.

3. They keep on gaining great revenue from 1,703.32 12 months ending in 2009 to 3,119.34 12 months ending in 2010. They also capitalized on EPS from -2.51 in 09, to 3.21 in 2010 per diluted share. Now for the first 2Q’s of 2011 their revenue is already at 1,153.27 and 1,308.28 = 2,461.55 with there 2 best months for revenue in 2010 being Q3 and Q4 look for there ending Revenue to be close to 5,125.00 Plus which would be a 40% revenue jump year from 2010 to 2011. Another thing to note is EPS which already Q1 and Q2 have equaled out to be $2.00 per diluted share, I would not be surprised if they hit $4.00 per diluted share. Meaning a $0.80 per share increase year over year or 20% jump. Yes they do have some outstanding debt which may draw a negative however I think there Assets counter it.

Currently I have Blackstone as a BUY rating, and HOLD HOLD, and PoulTrend Alert.

Disclosure- Currently I do hold a long term position in The Blackstone Group and do not plan to make another position with them in the next 3 trading days. .

  1. Scott says:

    Good article however don’t like financials

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