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Jazz Pharmaceutical, Inc. (JAZZ) – a pharmaceutical company of which focus’s on development, identification, and commercialization of pharmaceutical products.


  • Xyrem (sodium oxybate) – a FDA approved product, for treatment of both Cataplexy and excessive daytime sleepiness for patients of who suffer from Narcolepsy
  • Luvox CR (fluvoxamine maleate) which helps with ones who suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. Products include JZP-6 (sodium oxybate, of which helps with treatment of fibromyalgia
  • JZP-8 (intranasal clonazepam)  ones who may suffer from repetitive seizures in epilepsy.
  • Solid oral sodium oxybate.

At close today (JAZZ) closed at $36.70 which was (-1.53%) or -.57 below their open. Jazz Pharmaceuticals is a company of which I think should be on everyone’s buy list. At $36.70 (JAZZ) is extremely undervalued. Currently many analysis have (JAZZ) valued at around $50-$54.00. I believe  (JAZZ) is undervalued  and valued more around the $45.00-$47.00 range.

The reason why I like (JAZZ) is currently they are the only Pharmaceutical company of which has a product available that can diminish Cataplexy in Narcolepsy patients. With this being said they completely OWN that market. It is thought that only 50,000 people in America are properly diagnosed with Cataplexy, and there is believed to be close to 125,000 to 200,000 people across the USA of which are believed to suffer from Narcolepsy. This figure by the way of which continues to climb in dramatic fashion. On top of that in 2006 it was reported that a Patient of who takes (JAZZ)’s Sodium Oxybate could run you close to $35,000 a year. As of right now (JAZZ) runs close to $50,000 a year plus.

How do I know this, HMMM… Well I have Cataplexy, and take it daily. Do I agree with this outrageous price tag??? Of course not, do I like the fact that living in Connecticut I could not find one Insurance company to cover Co-Pay costs of this FDA approved product? NO!!! However they have plans for ones of who do not have insurance or who cannot afford it of which takes that burden off our chests. The fact is this (JAZZ) the Product Works!! It is the Only product currently out on the market of which controls both of these sleeping disorders. With the fact that Xyrem Sales will continue to increase with more, young adults being diagnosed there figures could really blow any analysis predictions out of the water.  It is estimated that projected earnings growth could soar to 160% plus! has a snapshot of the report at the link listed below

However personally I think (JAZZ) will shatter any analysis predictions! Earnings growth being more like 200% or More! I also estimate that Earnings Per Share could soar to over $2.50! Which would be a $1.36 a spectacular jump in a years time.  With the first 2 Q’s in 2011, 2010’s Revenue being close to $115.45 million, and gross profit at $107.18 (JAZZ) is already on pace to make 2010’s income statement look like garbage. With (JAZZ) only $50.00 million in profit from hitting Last years TOTAL profit they will probably eclipse this a month before the ending off Q3. Revenue being only $60.00 million short from last years totals  hitting $250 million plus by end of Q4 could easily be in reach which would be a $120 million increase year over year or DOUBLE.

As of 8/25/2011 PoulTrend Alert has been Called!

Disclosure – Currently I hold no positions in Jazz Pharmaceutical Inc. Nor do I plan to initiate a position in the next 72 hours

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