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As I have discussed in recent Blog Posts, the Market has Slight bull action, but is in a deep Bear Market of which I figure will continue possible threw into the New Year, or beyond. Some ETF’s I recommend to be on your Watch List this week are


Market Vectors Coal ETF (NYSE:KOL)

Direxion Daily Agribusiness Bear 3x Shares (NYSE:COWS)

ProShares UltraShort Russell 2000 (NYSE:SRTY)

Direxion Daily Finan. Bear 3X Shs(ETF)

Direxion Daily Emr Mkts Bear 3X Shs(ETF)

My plans come Monday morning, are simple. Not only will I be cancelling any Debit cards of which I hold with my local banks but I am going to continue to put less, and less money in the banks. If you have not already heard news broke this morning that Bank of America was going to be issuing $5 monthly fee, on all customers of who use their debit card. Even Wells Fargo has announced they will be trying to push a $3 fee on debit accounts. How ridiculousness is that? Not only do these stupid BANKS own, America, now we have to pay them fees like crazy, and they do not want to give us shit. I expect things to continue to get worse before they are better. Watch for mortgage regulations to change, loan regulations, and even Student loan issues. This is pathetic, Way to ruin America.

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Fusion-IO (FIO) Has been upgraded to a target price of $27.00. With Fusions High since realeasing as an IPO on June 10th, It climbed rapially to $36.98. Than since has been a steady climb down, and hit its bottom, on Thursday September 22nd at $14.90. With (FIO) closing on Friday 23rd, at $17.55 there is still a $10.00 upside.

Fusion-IO Inc.  is a provider of data-centric computing solutions: a combination of hardware and software that places data closer to processing. Fusion’s family of NAND flash-based ioMemory technologies offer a solution that scales to meet the needs of information technology (IT) administrators and partners and allows them to re-imagine how data centers can be architected. Fusion’s software solutions are built on the ioMemory Virtual Storage Layer (VSL), a flash-optimized operating system (OS) subsystem that allows ioMemory to interact with the central processing unit (CPU) and system memory as a tier of memory, and emulates a block-based storage device to applications. Its ioMemory is for data center applications. A single ioMemory module has the capacity of 100 memory modules, and the performance of 1,000 disk drives. -Google

Fusion-IO also have Partnerships with DELL,HP,IBM, and Supermicro. Not to mention Industries like Facebook use them to accelerate their enterprises, including social media,web business, security, government, and military organizations use Fusions ioMemory to supply their servers with all their critical data that they need to process and run at their needed speeds.

As of 9/25/2011 I call a PoulTrend Alert!

I feel fusion has the potential to rapidly grow in the next few years. This could be a great investment!












As I stated back on September 7th -8th the Bulls were still in full force of the Market. I also stated that we were possibly showing signs of  a 1987 Crash.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened on September 8th at 11,462.66, and closed at 11,295.81

It than continued lowering until bottoming out mid day on September 12th at 10851.74

The Bulls in the Market continued to rebound the market back up to a high of 11,536.49 on September 20th

Shortly after the talk of Europe and its Default news

The Dow dropped to 10,635.85 on the 22nd

Finally closed on September 23rd at 10,771.48 with hopes Europe would find an answer to its default issues.

The facts are simple, there is no real answer to what will happen with the Europe Defaulting, and it is totally beyond our control. I firmly feel the Government, and the ones talking of the issue are holding back from the truths on how Serious it really is.  Dont Risk it, if you need it, and make wise decisions.

Chimera Investment Corporation   – (CIM)

Best Buy Co., Inc.   -(BBY)

Lululemon Athletica inc – (LULU)

American Express Company  – (AXP)

Rosetta Stone Inc.  – (RST)

PetMed Express, Inc. – (PETS)




These Stocks should be on your watch lists come Monday!

1. Rosetta Stone Inc. (RST) $11.89

2. 3D Systems Corporation (DDD) $16.58

3. Fusion-IO Inc. (FIO) $20.41


An initial PoulTrend Alrert was called on Lululemon Athletica inc. (LULU) Announced 8/26/2011 at $46.50. Currently this morning (LULU) is +0.35 in the Pre-Market at $58.72. With (LULU) 52 week high at $64.49 look for (LULU) to try an eclipsed this in the coming days ahead.

Disclosure – Currently I do not hold a position in LULU, nor plain to hold one within the next 72 hours.

Starbucks Ueno

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Listed Below are 5 Stocks to add to your watch list the coming week, months ahead.

1. HollyFrontier Corp   – (HFC) (-5%) of which 5 days ago was trading at $37.92. As they just announced they will go ex – dividend tomorrow, many may be dumping there stocks to re buy at a low.

2. Sodastream International Limited -(SODA) (+5%) of which had a 52 week high of $79.72 is currently at $40.00 which is almost 50% off of the high. I am Long SODA, as I feel it has great potential to crank in great Return on Assets, and Equity, Plus net profit, and revenue will continue to jump long term.

3. The Blackstone Group L.P.  – (BX) (+3%) of which is trading around $7.00 off its 52 week high of $19.63 is a sound investment long term. With a 0.10 dividend, and a yield of 3.16. The potential upside, factored in with the dividend payout is solid for many investors to want to eye.

4. MGM Resorts International. – (MGM) (+2%) of which is trading $4.50 off of 52 week highs of $16.94. Even in a down economy, gamblers continue to gamble. Not to mention with the online poker thing still on major crack down, the ones of who used to gamble at home, will be heading to the Casinos, to do there betting. Long Term growth, with a possibility of someday adding a Dividend.

5. Starbucks Corporation – (SBUX) (+.085)  an investment of which I feel could be a stock for the next 10 years. As Starbucks aims for the market overseas, now we can see how big this company can actually get. With the profits, and revenues of which Starbucks generates, the only future ahead for Starbucks is continued growth, and dividend payouts.

Disclosure – I am Long all the stocks named.

In the Brink of a Bear Market of which has happened 3 times in August alone a ETF of which could potential help you during these down times is Direxion Daily Finan. Bear 3X Shs(ETF) (FAZ).

Sell Offs Last Month!! August 2011!

August 1st, to the 5th, resulted in a jump from $49.00 to a high of $79.00 in 4 days! +$30.00 or 38% jump

August 17th-22th, resulted in a jump from   $57.56 to a High of $71.27 + $13.71 or 19% jump

Sell Offs already this Month! September 2011!

September 1st-6th, resulted in a jump from $51.29 to a of $66.42  +$15.13 or 22.8% jump


With (FAZ) currently around $55.00 it might be worth your penny to buy a few shares and bet that the market will have another big drop.

Another ETF to add to your watch list is (EDZ)!
Disclosure – Currently I hold a Position in (FAZ), but not (EDZ) and do not plan to initiate another Position within the next 72 hours.

U.S. President Barack Obama at Cairo University

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Gold finally has rebounded 1 percent Today following a 3 percent drop from the previous session. This being as prices are now more affordable, and attractable to bargain hunters out there. However it also showed the risk in investing in the Gold Rush of which is upon us. With the 3 percent drop it was the most volatile day for gold in the last two weeks. This all happened after Spot Gold hit a record high of $1920.03 on Tuesday. Still however gold’s long term bullish trend remains as their is still global struggle. As reported at

“Concerns about economic growth in the United States,and the euro zone will keep supporting gold prices. Even though we may see liquidation repeatedly along the way, gold will continue to rise toward $2000,”the dealer said.”

Things of which added to the gold risk was the fact that Germany‘s industrial output had an unexpected jump in July, of which is offering the world positiveness that Europe‘s largest economy could avoid the major recession of that has been talked about as of late.

Thursday is the big day as all Investors will be watching President Barack Obamas speech on job creation to the Congress, this being after data has showed the economy staying flat for the month of August.

Personally I think it might be a good time to buy (GDX, GDXJ, GG, ABX, NEM) of which are at irresistible prices compared to (GLD)

Disclosure – Currently I do not hold any position in the (GDX,GDXJ,GG,ABX,NEM,GLD) However plan to initiate a position in the next 72 hours.