A Possible 1987 Crash on our Hands?

Posted: September 7, 2011 in AMEX, Dow Jones, Economy, NASDAQ, NYSE, Sell Off!
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The S&P 500 continues to trade in what it seems to be bearish structures. Big Drops, Then Big Climbs, but ultimately in the end the Volume continues to be light, and the playing of the market continues.  Last week I had thought that the market had hit its bottom however I tend to disagree now. My look forward continues to be bearish. Now what I found to be something of mention was a chart I came across on BestOnlineTrades.com. The chart of which you can see below simulates a possibility that we may ultimately be heading towards a possible crash similar to the one in the diagram. The fact of the matter is, this is not 1987, anymore and if there was to be a time for a crash most people would assume it would come now. The thing of which I think needs to be noted is what the government is doing to try, and hold off of the bad news or keep it hidden a few more days longer. The fact is the 1987 crash was said to of come out of the Blue, however it was covered up by many things going on under the wire. Currently I think it is possible that we have a major sell of the coming months ahead. Ultimately it will be devastating to not only the United States but the whole Marketing world. The only upside to these horrible things happen, as they seem to recover, and bring back great returns. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this does not happen, however who knows we may all benefit from it long term especially the young ones like myself.

  1. John says:

    Awesome analogy! It does look as if we are heading into a crash

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