Markets to continue to Fall! (9/25/2011)

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Dow Jones, Economy, NASDAQ, NYSE, S & P 500, Sell Off!
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As I stated back on September 7th -8th the Bulls were still in full force of the Market. I also stated that we were possibly showing signs of  a 1987 Crash.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened on September 8th at 11,462.66, and closed at 11,295.81

It than continued lowering until bottoming out mid day on September 12th at 10851.74

The Bulls in the Market continued to rebound the market back up to a high of 11,536.49 on September 20th

Shortly after the talk of Europe and its Default news

The Dow dropped to 10,635.85 on the 22nd

Finally closed on September 23rd at 10,771.48 with hopes Europe would find an answer to its default issues.

The facts are simple, there is no real answer to what will happen with the Europe Defaulting, and it is totally beyond our control. I firmly feel the Government, and the ones talking of the issue are holding back from the truths on how Serious it really is.  Dont Risk it, if you need it, and make wise decisions.


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