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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) – is a company engaged in designs, manufactures and markets mobile communication and media devices. Also makes personal computers including laptops, and portable digital music players, and also sells a wide range of related software services, and third party digital content + applications. Some of Apples products include iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, and the Apple TV. Apple also sells digital content via their iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and the Mac App Store.

Today Shares of Apple popped on News of iPad 3 of which may be coming out next month. Since the New Year Apple Shares have climbed in dramatic fashion. On 12/30/2012 Apple closed close to $403.00 a share. At close today Apple closed at $493.73 up $16.49 (3.46%). Not only have these shares climbed over $90.00 a share since the new year, but are on the way to set new all time highs. Over the past 52 weeks Apple has traded as low as $310.50, and as high as $496.75.  Current P/E is on 14.05 which surprisingly is not as high as many would expect.

Facts are since 2008

EPS have climbed from 6.78 a share, to 27.68 as of 52 weeks ending September, 24th, 2011.

Gross Profit has climbed from $13.197 Million 2008 to $43.818 Mill 2011.

Total Revenue has climbed from $37.491 Million 2008 to $108.249 2011.

Not only has this company made a fortune during a deep recession but, as the expand and grow on a global basis the potential for growth is unimaginable. Not only will iPhone, and iPad be one of there biggest sellers, but iTV, and iCloud will be phenomenal products.

Currently I have Apple Rated a Hold, and a $510.00 Target Price for June 2012.

Currently I do not own any Shares of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:APPL)  – and have no plans to make a position within the next 3 trading days.



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Apples stock of which has a 52 week High of $422.86, and its 52 week low $277.77.


Currently Apple is Trading around $373.00. Not only do they have great products, and Everyone out there wants an Ipod, Iphone, and Ipad. Being a company with this much demand makes you more viol ital. Not only do I feel that Apple is Overbought, but I think it is close to $100.00-$125.00 overbought. Over the coming months ahead, it is obvious that there products will be the top sellers especially during the holidays. However, The facts are people like, change, and I personally do not think that the iPhone will be as hot of an item as it is right now until they change the looks to it. They not only need to make the screen bigger. For them to get into the Business  market and take full control of that cell phone sector the phone has to change. Personally I love all Apple products they continue to blow my mind with some of the things you can do with them. However there price is unmatched, there products are TO EXPENSIVE for the Average American, and I think this may hurt them long term. If they can lower price and compete with other products that are more than half the price, I think they will continue to miss out on a large market share. I expect Apple to continue a downtrend, and when it hits under $250.00 then maybe will I think about Investing in them. I would rather have my money in At&t, Verizon Wireless as not only do you get a Dividend, and Great Yields, but if Apple falls out someday in the Future, it does not matter because they would obviously have the new Hot Item, and Cell Phones are not going anywhere. Over the coming years ahead I believe these phone companies will increase in price, Dividend, and Yield which over the Long run will benefit me more than a investment in Apple. Currently I have Apple as a SELL, and have no intentions of investing in them until a change is underway.


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There is no question about it these three giants are literally going to be head to head, at war with one another.  All 3 of these giants want there share of the Mobile Cell phone world, and the technology needed to stay at the top, being #1 in this sector is there ultimate goal.

As of this morning 8/17/2011

Apple (AAPL) and Starbucks (SBUX) announced that they will be hooking up with one another. Apple of which will be allowing Starbucks to have an APP on there mobile devices for free. Why is this important. Well back in 2007 it was estimated that 2/3rds of the WORLD drinks coffee.

Yes coffee is getting more expensive. Which may turn people off from wanting to go to a Starbucks, However Starbucks environmental structure is was makes them the leaders in this market. Starbucks offers a hot spot both for coffee drinkers and non. They offer free wi-fi, have point program, and the environment in these facilities is high class. Not to mention some are opened 24/7. (Plus, there has been talk of adding wine to the menu.) Now what can beat that. Why is this good for (APPL) well if Apple (AAPL) has an awesome app with Starbucks they will be able to not only promote Starbucks but it will keep the Starbucks lovers with the Apple Phones. Catch my drift.

Apple (AAPL) may also buy out SHARP! Would this be a good thing, of course. Why they want to make sure they keep up with the 3D technology for their Apple I phones, and IPADS. Will this go threw, probably not any time soon. If anything Apple (AAPL) should focus on buying out LG in doing this they would get the 3D technology for the Screens, and than own the LG MOBILE phones of which again would be keeping them in the Fight towards the top for the Mobile Phone explosion that we are heading into. LG as of 2010 had 116 million cell phone shipments, if they owned the rights of them they could totally take 35% or more of the market share and compete with the Android.
Microsoft (MSFT) is supposedly in the works of want to buy out Motorola Strictly for the patents. Will they get it, probably not, however their next move to stay a float in this world is to get on the band wagon of the Mobile internet world and as fast as possible. Everyone has already been saying it could be possible that the Cloud could kill Microsoft. Will this happen I highly doubt it, but it would not surprise me if you seem them make a move at some day down the road. Or make a move to try and hook up with Blackberry (RIM). Many say the Blackberry is over, however I tend to disagree, for a business worker Blackberry still has the best phones of which are directed towards the business person.

Below is a picture of the estimated Smart Phone Cell phones by 2015

Now 631 Million is obviously just a measurement. I estimate it will actually grow to 720 Million Plus! This being as if the Price of these Smart phones drops the more people will buy them. Since Google has now bought out Motorola (MMI) They may not have a problem offering the phone under 25$ or free on any network just because they can, and at the end of the day they still win as these phones obviously will be pre set to all Google’s works in the making like Google Plus, and their browser.

Now you can see Microsoft (MSFT) can still make some moves here and take 25% or more of the Market with a few upgrades. Meaning they need to buy out Blackberry (RIM) and than that 11.1% share could be there’s for the keeping.
Google (GOOG) right now is in the front when it comes to winning the war right now. With their purchase of Motorola (MMI) they have taken the first big hit at Apple (AAPL) and Microsoft (MSFT). I cannot wait to see what happens in the days ahead! This will be something epic to follow.

Disclosure- Currently I do not hold a positions in any of the companies mentioned above. Nor do I plan to initiate a position in the next 3 trading days.

Photo Disclosure – I do not own nor claim to own this photo I am using it as a reference to my blog. I recommend you look at the full article of which can be found at

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Yesterday was the mark of a $12.5 billion dollar deal between Google (GOOG) and Motorola Mobility (MMI). Google being the world’s leading search engine obviously has the money.

My personal believe of all the controversy that this deal yesterday has stirred is simply this. Google knows that regardless the fact that the Android operating system for mobile phones sells better than Apples Iphone. Google really does not care if Apple (AAPL) may have taken over the number one spot over Exxon (XOM) #1 company in the world price tag wise. Google (GOOG) focus is to continue to be the number one search engine. Obviously from my blog a few days back about Cisco (CSCO) is that the online world will continue to shift. Over the next 5 years the amount of online time being used online via cell phones, and other handheld items will soar passed the desktop computers, and Labtops. Google’s (GOOG) Plan is obvious, they want to make sure that they still are the leaders when this shift happens. Meaning obviously the need to make a slight shift to this Handheld change. Yes they do have the Google Android system of which sells better than Apple, however now they can work more on other platforms. Apples (AAPL) iPad obviously gets google worried. Why not spend the money that they literary have sitting around on Motorola one of the best in the phone world and team up. This to me is a classic move for Owners trying to continue to run Google like a business. To be in business you have to stay in business and reshape certain aspects of the company to compete. However this does not mean turn into General Electric (GE). When I say that I mean do not try to focus on 14 different concepts at once, it does not work that way. A business is like a building, you need to build it from the ground up, you cannot just ride the elevator to the top. Google (GOOG) buying Motorola was a wonderful Idea. It will also pay off long term for the company. My only fear is can Google (GOOG) turn into a General Electric (GE) time will only tell. (BIDU) does not scare Google (GOOG) one Bit!!

There is no question about it I have loved Google since day one of using it as my search engine. Google knows that (BIDU) will continue to try and make a run for their money long term. However Google(GOOG) knows the shift we are heading into. Google (GOOG) knows that they may lose out on the online world with search engine service over the coming years ahead on desktops/laptops. However they also know that the money that will be generated because of this hook up with Motorola with the next big boom come internet innovation.

Currently Google (GOOG) is a SELL SELL SELL. I expect long term downtrend to start to take form. Being as in my personal opinion Google (GOOG) is over priced. Once it gets under $470 a share Google in my opinion is still a rich mans buy not a average joe like myself.

Disclosure – Currently I do not own nor plan to initiate a position in Google (GOOG) now or the next 3 trading days.

(SSYS) Stratasys, Inc. of which is a manufacturer of three-dimensional (3D) printers and rapid prototyping (RP) systems. Stratasys develops, manufactures and sells a product line of 3D printers and RP systems,and related consumable material that create physical parts from computer aided designs or (CAD. Stratasys offers rapid prototyping (RP) and production part manufacturing services centers located in North America, Europe and Australia. Stratasys products are used in the defense, aerospace, automotive, medical,industrial equipment, education, architecture, and business markets.

Stratasys has made many moves since January 2010, when uPrint Plus was introduced. In February 2011 it sold its interest in Inc, and latestly in May 2011 Stratasys acquired Solidscape.

As of July 17, 2011 The top five companies in the Computer Hardware industry,ranked by their gross margin.

Q:What is Gross Margin
A:Gross Margin tells you how many of your sales dollars are profit. If efficiency is improved, more profits will result.

Concurrent Computer (CCUR)
Gross margin = 59.8%
Sales growth of 25.6%
Past 12 months sales of $69.8 million.

Stratasys (SSYS)
Gross margin = 53.2%
Sales growth of 22.6%
Past 12 months sales of $128.4 million.

Avid Technology (AVID)
Gross margin = 52.1%
Sales growth of 6.6%
Past 12 months sales of $688.9 million.

Cray (CRAY)
Gross margin =43.1%
Sales growth of 40.4%
Past 12 months sales of $330.9 million.

Apple (AAPL)
Gross margin = 41.4%
Sales growth of 82.7%
Past 12 months sales of $87.5 billion.

I predict(SSYS) Syratasys will could hit their 52 week high of $55.66 or even Hit lower $60’s. As of 07/18/2011 I issue a PoulTrend Alert. Poul-Trend Alert was made by myself Stefan it means simply