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Yesterday was the mark of a $12.5 billion dollar deal between Google (GOOG) and Motorola Mobility (MMI). Google being the world’s leading search engine obviously has the money.

My personal believe of all the controversy that this deal yesterday has stirred is simply this. Google knows that regardless the fact that the Android operating system for mobile phones sells better than Apples Iphone. Google really does not care if Apple (AAPL) may have taken over the number one spot over Exxon (XOM) #1 company in the world price tag wise. Google (GOOG) focus is to continue to be the number one search engine. Obviously from my blog a few days back about Cisco (CSCO) is that the online world will continue to shift. Over the next 5 years the amount of online time being used online via cell phones, and other handheld items will soar passed the desktop computers, and Labtops. Google’s (GOOG) Plan is obvious, they want to make sure that they still are the leaders when this shift happens. Meaning obviously the need to make a slight shift to this Handheld change. Yes they do have the Google Android system of which sells better than Apple, however now they can work more on other platforms. Apples (AAPL) iPad obviously gets google worried. Why not spend the money that they literary have sitting around on Motorola one of the best in the phone world and team up. This to me is a classic move for Owners trying to continue to run Google like a business. To be in business you have to stay in business and reshape certain aspects of the company to compete. However this does not mean turn into General Electric (GE). When I say that I mean do not try to focus on 14 different concepts at once, it does not work that way. A business is like a building, you need to build it from the ground up, you cannot just ride the elevator to the top. Google (GOOG) buying Motorola was a wonderful Idea. It will also pay off long term for the company. My only fear is can Google (GOOG) turn into a General Electric (GE) time will only tell. (BIDU) does not scare Google (GOOG) one Bit!!

There is no question about it I have loved Google since day one of using it as my search engine. Google knows that (BIDU) will continue to try and make a run for their money long term. However Google(GOOG) knows the shift we are heading into. Google (GOOG) knows that they may lose out on the online world with search engine service over the coming years ahead on desktops/laptops. However they also know that the money that will be generated because of this hook up with Motorola with the next big boom come internet innovation.

Currently Google (GOOG) is a SELL SELL SELL. I expect long term downtrend to start to take form. Being as in my personal opinion Google (GOOG) is over priced. Once it gets under $470 a share Google in my opinion is still a rich mans buy not a average joe like myself.

Disclosure – Currently I do not own nor plan to initiate a position in Google (GOOG) now or the next 3 trading days.