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Shares of Mattel Inc. have not only climbed more than 5 percent during trading today.

Not only did Mattel Inc, announce Q4 earnings, and their 2011 Full Year Earnings, they biggest news was the announcement of a $0.31 Q1 2012 cash Dividend.

Mattel, Inc. – Manufactures, Designs, and Markets a broad variety of toy products on a Worldwide Basis through there sales to customers, and directly to consumers. Operating in two segments Domestic, and International. Portfolio includes Barbie fashion dolls, and accessories, Polly Pocket, Disney Classics, and Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tyco, and WWE Wrestling products.

Mattel’s Q4 Earnings announced an increase in net sales by 1 percent Worldwide from the previous calender a year ago. Sales jumped 5%.

Top Products

Barbie – 6 Percent Sales Gains

Hot Wheels – 11 Percent Sales boost.


As we are now finishing up the First Month of the 2012 calender year, there is no questions that overall Mattel Inc, had one heck of a 2011 year with Worldwide sales increasing 7%, and International jumping 12%.

What You May Want to KNOW!

Some people complain and say that when a company is repurchasing shares of there own company it may be bad, and some other to suggest that obviously the company feels there stocks are vary undervalued and would rather reinvest money into themselves rather than another company. It has been reported that back in 2011 Mattel Inc. repurchased 20.4 Million shares for upwards of $536 Million.

Currently I have Mattel Inc – (NASDAQ-MAT) a BUY/HOLD Rating. As the 52 week High has just been broke it is clear Mattel Inc, will touch new highs. I could see Mattel Inc, climbing to 33-35.00 a share over the coming weeks ahead. Not only are they an attractive buy with dividend increase. If you want to add a Value Investment with over a 3% Yield this might be a company to add to your Watch List. 

Currently I do not own any Shares of the above talked about investments and have no plans to make a position within the next 3 trading days.


Over the past 2 1/2 months we have seen the Market all over the Place.

Here are some of the 5  Best Performing Vanguard ETF’s Since August 22nd.

Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF – (VIG) – Has climbed from under $48.50 to close today at $53.64 of which is a $5.19 dollar climb, or +10.70%.

Notes : Currently has a Dividend/Yield of 0.28/2.14

Vanguard Consumer Discretionary ETF- (VCR) – Has climbed from $56.00 to close today at $61.34 a climb of $5.31 or +9.48%

Notes: Currently has a Dividend/Yield of 0.60/0.98

Vanguard Mega Cap 300 Index ETF- (MGC) – Has climbed from $38.50 to close today at $42.12 which is a $3.63 climb or +9.43%

Notes: Currently has a Dividend/Yield of 0.21.5/0.55

Vanguard Value ETF – (VTV) – Has climbed from $46.70 to close today at $50.89 which is a $4.21 dollar climb or +9.02%.

Notes: Currently has a Dividend/ Yield of 0.36/2.65

Vanguard Information Technology ETF – (VGT) – Has climbed from $57.37 to close today at $62.00 a climb of $4.63 or +8.07%

Notes: Currently has a Dividend/Yield of 0.36/0.58

For some of you Value Investors out there, or the Long Term Investor these might be ETF’s to add to your Watch Lists!

Facebook a social networking website of which has now become one of the most popular websites in all of the world. So far in the news that I have found the Facebook IPO will be dropping May 2012. When this IPO does drop it will be the biggest IPO to drop since GOOG, and look at GOOG now!

Some information to know

As of January 2011 their was 600 Million active users.

Revenue – $2 billion

Facebook trades on a private second market , and the company is worth upwards of 60 billion dollars.

What will the Facebook Ticker be?? Well some possibilities are: FB, FBK, FCBK

Not only has Silver Steadily climbed 20% this past month however their is possibilities of more grow come the near future. In Late April silver was hitting all time highs, however it could easily be possible for silver to surpass $50.00 an ounce in the near future.

With the major Debt issues going on in Italy, and Greece we are getting closer ,and closer to 1 or more countries to default. Italian as well as Greek bonds have soared over 10% for their 2 year yields which would defiantly push for investors to want to put their hard earned money into assets such as Gold, and Silver. As of late silver is trading hands as gold, with more horrible news out of Europe their is no question about it that silver and gold will climb even more.

If their is any climb like there was when silver was showing support at $16-$18 an ounce, with silver showing a average level of $32.34 an ounce with the huge climb this past year, silver could break out to $85 depending on if it follows technical averages.

Another key issue is as the United States continues to talk Debt Ceiling, and many continue to worry, and fear for the U.S.A. Economy this could also add to the increase in Silver an Gold Prices.

If I were to choose Silver, and Gold ETF’s to go in with my Eye would be on (GLD),AQG),and (SLV). Just give it some time, possibility for solid growth is 100% possible.

Currently I do not hold any ETF’s that were mentioned.

There is no Guaranteed that you will make money, Stocks are risky just like Gambling, be safe, and do not go all in, always leave money for yourself for a rainy day!

Dunkin Brands group originally priced its initial public offering between $16-$18 a share. However the owner of Dunkin Donuts and the Baskin & Robbins ice cream chain is selling 22.3 million shares in an effort to raise $424 Million!! As of this afternoon out of San Francisco this stock will begin trading Wednesday on the Nasdaq. Dunkin will be available under the ticker (DNKN) Dunkin has said that the proceedings from the Initial Public offering will be used to repay debt.

Dunkin Donuts in 2010,generated total revenues and operating income of $577.1 million and $193.5 million, respectively.