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The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) main focuses are in providing consumer packaged goods. P & G’s products are sold in more than 180 countries primarily through mass merchandisers, grocery stores, membership club stores, drug stores and high-frequency stores, the neighborhood stores,and developing markets. P&G currently has around 80 on the ground operations. Last reported approximately 16% of revenue comes from Wal-Mart Stores. With Procter & Gamble closing at $63.09, and at Pre-Market this morning floating around $62.66 this may be a solid morning to get some P&G and add them to your portfolio(LONG). With the emerging markets soon to be P&G next big thing there is no question that they still have area for growth and improvement. One of there biggest products of the global market is toothpaste. With an Estimated 70% of the Brazil Market, 80% of the Mexico,and huge Gains in the Asia Market as well, there is no wonder analysis believe possible growth with stay 9% the next 5 years plus. Not to mention with 16% of their revenue coming from Wal-Mart, this could easily grow to 20% plus if  Wal-Mart continues to stay the king of the retail world. Not to mention long term, they pay a solid Dividend at 0.52 a QT or $2.04 a year, and a Yield of 3.33%.

I Recommend P & G at $62.00 and under.


Disclosure – Currently I do not own any Procter & Gamble nor plan to initiate position within the next 72 hours.

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Pandora (P) of which went public in mid June, has had a high of $26.00, and a Low of $11.00. Currently with Pandora (P) trading at $13.80, I firmly believe this is a bargain buy. As of January 31, 2011, it had over 80 million registered users. The key things I love about Pandora (P) is their structure. The company the President and CEO
Joseph J. (Joe) Kennedy, is a Genesis. They have a great market of which has solely been based towards Cell Phones. Now they have started growing as they have now made contracts with Cars, Audio Companies to per mote there product. Not to mention the way that the music Like button is synced to the user is a concept of which will keep there customers. They do countless analysis data to retrieve the best playlist for you. This is a tool of which can not be found on Sirius, or XM. Not to mention they make a large amount of there revenue’s from mobile add’s as well as Online adds. I firmly think that later down the road Pandora (P) could superficiality change the music world.

Currently I have Pandora rated at a BUY BUY BUY, HOLD HOLD HOLD, and have a target price for Pandora to be close to $30.00 buy end of 2011. They are a new and growing company give them a chance, they could bring you great returns!

Disclosure – Currently I do not own, or plan to own a position in Pandora (P) in the next 72 hours.


Could break in the next few days or few weeks, and might be a great PINK Slip to possibly 300% your money. With (CRWV) closing at 0.0124 (+0.013) a 11 % jump. With its 52 week high at 0.51. The investment may be worth it.

1. InterOil Corporation (NYSE:IOC) which is an integrated energy company which operates in New Guinea Papua , and Southwest Pacific Region. InterOil Corp. is currently operating in four sectors which include corporate,upstream,midstream, downstream.


Upstream Segment- Appraises + Explores Natural Gas, and Oil Structures in Papua New Guinea, with intent on commercializing any discoveries.

Midstream Segment – of which produces refined petroleum products, for the domestic market,and export. In the works are proposed onshore, and offshore floating liquefied processing facilities of natural gas in the Papua New Guinea region.

Downstream Market – Deals with Distributing of the refined petroleum products on wholesale and retail basis domestically in Papua New Guinea.


Currently (NYSE :IOC) has had a 52 week high of $81.98 and a low of $47.29 of which was eclisped during the major sell off the other day.(IOC) opened at $50.00 this morning, and its high was $56.51. The Volume is around its AVG of 498,000.00. Only downside as is Volatility with the fact that their is only 47.96M shares out. However for long term growth this is something to look into.

Over the next 3-5 years it is possible that (NYSE:IOC) Earnings growth could Hit 750%-1100%.

When to Get in???

What I would watch for is for (NYSE:IOC) to either sell off to around $45.00 Range, I recommend any buy under $45.00 to be a bargain. However if you want to take a bigger risk, Look for a Buy between $51-$53 range.

To get more information on (IOC) check them out on their direct website

Disclosure – Currently I do not hold any Position in  InterOil Corporation (NYSE:IOC) nor will I in the next 3 Trading Days.


(ERX) Direxion Daily Energy Bull 3X Shares ETF – Fund which seeks daily investment results, before fees and expenses of 300% of price performance of the Russell 1000 Energy Index. This fund invests 80% of assets in securities that comprise this index. 

As of 8/5/2011 (ERX) hit a low of $46.80 and on 7/26/2011 ERX was trading at $86.97, Its 52 week high is $93.27.

Since Monday (ERX) Has dropped 29.65%  $-22.34

There is no question that (ERX) when it trades can have Great days of $5.00 gains, whoever can also have large losses as we can see has happened this week. There is no question about it that if you want to get into (ERX) a good time to get in could be now. The Upside potential is Phenomenal. 

Disclosure – At this time I currently do not have any position in (ERX) nor do I plan on having any in the next 3 trading days.


At close of Friday 8/5/2011 the Dow Jones Closed only up 60.93 however throughout the trading session their were swings of upward motion. As of late investors have been scared and worried about the debt crisis not only in the USA, but with other Power countries around the world. There was some good headline news out with a higher job increase in July however all actually gains were shot down within Minutes.

From opening day on Monday Dow Jones Dropped 5.75% and since July 6th have dropped 8.95%.

If there is continued Drop on Monday 8/8/2011 it is totally possible for the Dow Jones to the 11000 mark range, of which we have not seen since January 2011.

Starbucks Corporation (SBUX) – is a roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in more than 50 countries around the world. Starbucks purchases,roasts whole bean coffees, and sells them. Starbucks also sells a variety of handcrafted coffee and tea beverages, plus many fresh food items via their company stores. In October 2010, the Company acquired Magic Johnson Enterprise’s remaining 50% interest in Urban Coffee Opportunities.

Starbucks being one of the leading roaster of specialty coffee had wonderful third quarter results for the 2011 year. Earnings not only soared 33% year over year but had EPS at 36 which out beat most analysis.

(SBUXS)- Revenues and Margins

Total sales foe Q3 jumped 10.5% to $2,417.3 million in the quarter compared with $2,186.7 million in the prior-year quarter.

Adjusted operating margin for Q3 expanded 40 basis points (bps) to 13.7%.

Adjusted operating margin in the U.S. segment jumped to 18.8% from 16.7%.

On an international level Net Revenue surged 20% year over year to $658.5 million in Q3, reflecting a 5% growth in same-store sales.

Starbucks Looking Forward Predictions.

Starbucks raised its fiscal 2011 earnings guidance to the range of $1.50 to $1.51, from the previously communicated 15% to 20% growth over fiscal 2010 non-GAAP EPS on a comparable 52-week basis.

Starbucks has also unveiled a new three-region corporate structure to accelerate its growth strategy in China and Asia Pacific, including all Asia Pacific markets and China; Americas, including the United States, Canada, Mexico and Latin America; and EMEA, including Europe, U.K., Middle East, Russia and Africa.

Currently I have (SBUX)Starbucks at a HOLD HOLD HOLD Rating.

Disclosure – At this time I currently do not have any position in Starbucks nor do I plan on having any in the next 3 trading day.

Just over a week ago I came across this site Called Kapitall!

Let me tell you it has a practice portfolio of where you can buy and trade Stocks, and ETF’s up to 100000 in free play money. If you are an inexperienced and want to mess around for a bit before using real money than this is for you. The website is easy to use, and has a neat set up to it. It has a App feel like on your mobile phones which I think is a sweet concept. I recommend you all to check it out has up to date news, and has its own opinions on when you should get in with a stock and not.

Endeavour Silver Corp. (EXK) – is engaged in the evaluation, acquisition, exploration, development and exploitation of mineral properties. EXK produces silver-gold from its underground mines at Guanacevi and Guanajuato in Mexico. February, 2010, the Company acquired 100% interest in El Porvenir Cuatro and La Brisa properties. In July 2010, Endeavour acquired 100% interest in the Elizabeth and El Calvario properties in Guanacevi.

With a 52 week high of $12.75, and at 9.90 today, anytime EXK is under $10.00 can be a solid investment especially with all the high demand for Gold and Silver. EXK will release it’s Earnings on August 3rd, if they blow the Analysis predicts out of the water we could see newer highs.

Sirius XM Radio Inc. (SIRI) – engages and broadcasts  music, sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic and weather channels in the United States on a subscription fee basis through its two satellite radio systems. Subscribers can also receive certain of the Company’s music and other channels over the Internet, including through applications for Apple, Blackberry and Android-powered mobile devices. As of December 31, 2010, it had 20,190,964 subscribers. In April 2010, XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. merged with and into XM Satellite Radio Inc. In January 2011, XM Satellite Radio Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary, merged with and into Sirius XM Radio Inc.

(SIRI)- is a Solid Stock at anything under $2.05, When earnings release August 2nd, if there is any type of a jump in revenue, or Subscriptions than (SIRI) could climb to highs above $2.40. However I would be vary Leary of this stock, as (P) Pandora has gone public, any drop in subscriptions could mean a switch to Pandora (P) and with Pandora at $15.99, There is no question (P) Pandora may be something to look at if it drops under $13.00, Again.

Ford Motor Company (F) – producer of cars and trucks. Ford and its subsidiaries are also engaged in other businesses, including financing vehicles.  Other Financial Services includes a variety of businesses including holding companies, and real estate. On August 2, 2010, the Company, through its subsidiary, Volvo Personvagnar Holding AB, sold 100% of the outstanding shares of Volvo Personvagnar AB to Geely Sweden AB (Geely Sweden).

Ford (F)-  is a stock I just do not get. I think it is overbought to much of the time and that these large hedge funds are the ones who are holding Ford from climbing back into the $20.00 and higher. Over the past 52 weeks Ford had a high of $18.75. Even with Ford’s Q1 earnings off the charts there is no question about it that (F) Ford does not climb on good news anymore. The pattern I have noticed is every time there is  bad news released to the public Ford(F) gets a little pop. Ford is down to under $12.30, I would estimate that if there is any bad news, come August 2nd, and the sales meeting there could be a $0.75 more climb in activity.

Nokia Corporation (NOK) – Devices & Services; NAVTEQ, and Nokia Siemens Networks. Devices & Services is responsible for developing and managing the Company’s portfolio of mobile products, as well as designing and developing services, including applications and content. NAVTEQ is a provider of digital map information and related location-based content and services for mobile navigation devices, automotive navigation systems, Internet-based mapping applications, and government and business solutions.  In April 2010, the Company completed the acquisition of Novarra, Inc. and MetaCarta Inc. In September 2010, Nokia acquired Motally, Inc. In December 2010, Renesas Electronics Corporation acquired Nokia’s Wireless Modem business.

As of news that has circled this year 1.3 billion people connect to one another with NOK, from voice optimized mobile phones to advanced Internet connected smartphones sold in virtually every market in the world. With shares currently trading at $5.70 there is no reason not to want to buy NOK. With paying out 0.57 in dividends on the year, and a yield at 7.9% It a buy that could bring big returns in a few years.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) –  a media and entertainment company. The Company’s operation consists of four segments: Live and Televised Entertainment, Consumer Products, Digital Media and WWE Studios. Live and Televised Entertainment’s revenues consists principally of ticket sales to live events, sales of merchandise at these live events, television rights fees, sales of television advertising and sponsorships, and fees for viewing its pay-per-view and video on demand programming.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) at anything under $9.75. They have a solid Dividend at $0.12, and a Great Yield at 4.85. Over the next few years there could be a large transition in the WWE. They need to first cut there ties with so many shows airing everyday of the week. They also need to work on making the shows more enjoyable to watch, the talking is boring, and it seems they talk 2 hours of the show, and fight only one. Bring back the Explosive fighting world, needs to be more daredevil fights so it can bring more people to want to watch wrestling again.

Disclosure: I Do NOT have any positions in any of the Stocks mentioned above nor do I have plans in initiating positions in these stocks within the next 72 hours. 

Facebook a social networking website of which has now become one of the most popular websites in all of the world. So far in the news that I have found the Facebook IPO will be dropping May 2012. When this IPO does drop it will be the biggest IPO to drop since GOOG, and look at GOOG now!

Some information to know

As of January 2011 their was 600 Million active users.

Revenue – $2 billion

Facebook trades on a private second market , and the company is worth upwards of 60 billion dollars.

What will the Facebook Ticker be?? Well some possibilities are: FB, FBK, FCBK